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      Add:No. 458, Phase 4, Taiwaness Investment District, Quanzhou, Fujian, China
      Tel:+86-0595-22427727   22461328
      Fax:+86-0595-22475928   22750682

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      Company Profile

      Quanzhou Tianfa (Tianshun) Food Machine co., ltd, established in 1998, is located in Quanzhou, Fujian. It is a leading surimi&meat processing food machinery company combined design, research ,production and distribution.
      Main machine includes meat beater, vacuum meat beater, meat grinder, meat cutter, meatball machine, fish ball machine, multifunctional imitation crab stick machine, multifunctional stuffed meatball machine, pump feeding machine, pump material stuffer, spring roll machine, sausage roasting machine, special shape sausage cutting machine, continuous food steaming line, continuous meatball cooking line, continuous food frying line etc. Both OEM and ODM is welcomed.
      our products have been distributed all over the world, Some are popular among customers. Such as meatball machine, fish ball machine, spring roll machine, continuous meatball cooking line etc.
      Tianfa would always insist the quality principle of “exquisite work&serious attitude , pursue excellence”. Feedback all customers’ care for Tianfa by more competitive products and good service. Co-develop with customer, get win-win based on integrity and co-benefit.