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        Fujian Quanzhou Tianfa (Tianshun) Food Machine co., ltd, established in 1998, is located in Quanzhou, famous hometown of overseas Chinese. With coverage of more than 22,000 square meter and ¥40 million fixed assets. Tiafa combined design, research ,production and distribution. It is a leading food machine co.,Ltd with 2500Sets/Y productivity.

        ABOUT US

        Professional commitment to food production equipment research and development and production



        Belt and Road, a new area of focus on food machinery 2018 Shanghai Food Machinery Exhibition
        2018 The 11th Shanghai Food Exhibition Import and Export Food and Beverage Exhibition
        Zheng law: 8 setbacks achievements "Tianshun" "sky hair"

        Research And Develop

        The company introduced Germany, Taiwan sophisticated technology, advanced production equipment and technology

        To the best quality products and services to our customers return for a long time (Tianshun) care and love

        Professional Certification

        From the site planning, capacity design, machinery manufacturing, personnel training and product development

        Quality Assurance

        Team building

        Interactive zone

        WeChat public

        CONTACT US

        Add:No. 458, Phase 4, Taiwaness Investment District, Quanzhou, Fujian, China
        Tel:+86-0595-22427727   22461328
        Fax:+86-0595-22475928   22750682

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